We have enough lawyers and professional politicians in congress!

We need a businessman in Capitol Hill with proven integrity who can relate to people and present bipartisan solutions that work for all of us in District 32.

What would Congress look like if it had better:

  • Communication

  • Long-term Planning

  • Financial Budgeting

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Team Management


With Mark's 32 years as an international engineer with Hilti, Inc., he has developed the character and skills (listed above) to tackle the issues of today. Mark is tired of partisan deadlock in Congress that has paralyzed the progress of this great nation, delayed good legislation, and wasted tax payer’s money. He wants to bring his expertise to the table and represent you in District 32.



Mark is a North Dallas native. He attended JJ Pearce high school in Richardson, TX, and graduated from Texas A&M with a BS in both civil and industrial engineering. His career path took him from oil fields to the construction of the historic stretch of Highway 75 which travels through District 32. For the past 31 years, Mark has been with an international company, Hilti, Inc. His positions have spanned from technical sales and product marketing to international product management and development. He is currently performing structural design and training the future generations of engineers. In addition, he has been in collaboration with the US Navy on government projects involving the structure and function of their new line of aircraft carriers to better aid and protect our military. In his time at Hilti, Mark has also traveled extensively across the US, Canada, and southern Europe.


In 2014, Mark transferred with Hilti back to North Texas with his family, wife Gayle of 28 years and his two sons, to help care for his aging parents, both Marine veterans.


When he moved back, Mark was saddened to see the deterioration of once-thriving areas throughout the district. His business expertise has qualified him to partner with local businesses and work with city governments to reinvigorate those neglected parts of the district.

2020 Mark Sackett for Congress