"The 1st Amendment is under attack.  The citizens of a free democracy must have the right to free speech regardless of who objects and without being labeled as "hate speech".  Opposing points of view will support your position or change it.  We cannot be afraid of critical thinking in open forums.  I will oppose any proposed legislation that restricts 1st Amendment rights of individuals.  I will support any legislation that maintains our freedom of speech and Constitutional rights. 



What legislation would I support, if any, to ensure comprehensive, affordable healthcare for all?


Affordable healthcare must become competitive, transparent and accountable. Our ability to shop prices and quality of services drive prices down and increases quality.  Hospitals and insurance providers will be forced to work together to offer competitive prices with the highest quality to compete for our business. When laser surgery became a free market, competition reduced the cost from $2200 to $500 per eye while increasing quality.  Congress is incorrectly attempting to appease the rivaling interest groups-insurance companies and medical providers- who share blame for creating the problem.  Congress should be working for the people.  One solution to accountability is  truth-in-advertising.  Congress should impose penalties on insurers that represent medical facilities (and medical facilities that represent themselves) as being in-network if doctors balance bill patients for services they provide at that facility that are out of network.  Another solution is to mandate pricing of services.  There are many procedures which are routine and should be visible for comparison shopping of services, price and quality of facility.  

The VA is the second-largest federal department and it’s inefficient and bureaucratic. VA funding has doubled in the last decade with little improvement.  Government has proven it CANNOT be a healthcare provider, therefore I will oppose government-run healthcare. 


Do I support legislation to maintain the DACA program?

The priority of immigration is to focus first on the uncontrolled American borders.  Our border with Mexico is an open door to unchecked immigration.  To effectively assist immigrants that have real needs and desires to become vested U.S. citizens and partake of the freedoms, benefits and privileges that were obtained through the blood and sacrifice of others, applicants should be funneled to ports of entry along our southern border.  I believe the best solution to this humanitarian crisis is a fenced barrier President Trump is building.  We have every right to know who is entering our country and for what purpose. There is a large financial burden on tax paying citizens resulting from uncontrolled immigration.  Sanctuary city San Francisco is an example of this financial burden and the resulting degradation of the city.  Tourist areas are seeing a reduction in visitors, corporations are relocating out of the city, and companies are choosing other cities to hold their conventions.  

I believe Congress should take legislative action to provide legal pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants brought into America as children.  These immigrants are now young adults and can quickly become productive citizens if they meet certain requirements within a designated period of time to: 1.) Support themselves and 2.) Get off government assisted programs.  

Immigration effects all states and all citizens, therefore states should not undermine the federal government regulating borders.  I believe Congress should pass legislation to withhold  federal tax money from sanctuary cities and states.    


How would I address the nation's documented infrastructure needs, including roads and bridges? How should we pay for repairing infrastructure?

Every level of government must cut the red tape in this sector.  Increased funding has been a topic of political races for decades and I agree we should increase funding.  Investment in our country’s infrastructure is vital to our economy and job creation. The other impediment to rebuilding our infrastructure is big government bureaucracy.  President Trump has begun this relief in the federal government through executive orders reducing burdensome regulations and speeding up review processes with multiple departments.  State, county, city and other agencies must also work together to cut red tape and reduce lengthy review processes.  Increased funding is the normal irresponsible democrat solution.  We need critical thinkers in Congress that won't just increase spending and bureaucracy to fix issues.


When does life begin?

Based on my deep faith in God, His Word and His Son Jesus Christ, I believe that life begins at conception.  In 2016, researchers discovered what God has known all along.  A miraculous "flash of light" appears at the moment of conception.   Based on the written Word of God, life is light.  So let there be light!  No man or woman has the right to take another life.  All human life has value and I will fight to defend the life of those who can not yet defend themselves.  For mothers needing financial aid I support government provided assistance for the full term of the pregnancy.  Lack of finances must never be the reason to take a anothers life.   I also support creating legislation that makes adoption of human life easier. 


What is my position on the 2nd Amendment and what regulations if any would I propose?

I fully support gun ownership for every US citizen.  I also believe that a waiting period for background checks is a reasonable and responsible thing to do. 


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: How should we proceed to both protect U.S. interests at home and abroad and at the same time promote long term stability and peace in the world?

Foreign policy must always put the interests of the American people, and American security, above all else.  Containing the spread of radical Islam must be a major foreign policy goal.  We must work with our allies in the Muslim world and any nation that is threatened by the rise of radical Islam. However, they must also be good for Americans.  We are a generous nation, but we must only be generous to those that prove they are our friends.  Iran is not our friend.  After the Obama administration gave them billions of assets to Iran they continued chanting “Death to America”.  Some country leaders cannot be bought with money and will only respect a strong President and a unified supportive Congress.  Look at the success President Trump has had with China, North Korea and Mexico.  The religious leaders of Iran hate women, deny freedom of speech, control the media and mandate an oppressive Islamic religion not only in their country but across the Middle East.  America and the world must not allow Iran to spread it's ideology of hate across it's borders.  I have great compassion of the people of Iran, but it's the people that need to rise up and over through their oppressors.  


CLIMATE CHANGE: Do I believe Congress should adopt policies to combat climate change? If so, what would I propose?

I believe we must take responsibility for reducing our environmental impact.  I support federal and state government legislation targeting market sectors were shareholders are unwilling to accept any significant efforts due to profit loss.  The automotive industry is a good example.  However, I disagree with the alarmists that social media, news, children and climate conferences are promoting.  For example, Arctic sea ice is decreasing, but Antarctic sea ice is increasing.  Sea levels have always been rising but not accelerating at alarming rates. Global drought research reveals it’s decreasing.  It doesn’t mean climate change is not a reality or not a problem.  I don't believe we should e financially irresponsible with Green initiatives which will be equally devastating for our future generations.

2020 Mark Sackett for Congress